Lover of good food, naturally discreet and always in a good mood, our Chef Franco cares about the pleasure of our customers for almost 20 years. With an eclectic career and a great spirit of adaptation, Chef Milo has recently joined the brigade and his cuisine has already conquered the taste buds of our customers.

Their daily commitment is to make the simplest of dishes tasty and to satisfy the most demanding palates. The sea and the land foods fill his dishes with taste and aroma offering the best of Ligurian and Mediterranean cuisine.

They have a predilection for Italian cuisine, recognized throughout the world, highlighting the specialties of each region. But their experience and curiosity have also made them appreciate and learn some dishes of international cuisine.

No detail is left out, Chefs Franco and Milo will make your mouth water every time you enter one of our restaurants, whether to savor a lunch, a dinner, a banquet or for a special event that you have decided to spend with us.

Furthermore, the products and the dishes offered are in perfect harmony with the season and local producers.

The restaurant L’Arazzo, large and bright, with its paintings and its typical style of the belle-époque will make you travel through time, making you feel the wonderful atmosphere of the ancient. It welcomes you every day from 12:30pm to 2:30pm and from 7.30pm to 10.30pm.

During the summer from June to September, the restaurant Pepe Rosa by the pool surrounded by the gardens, it is the ideal place to savor the lightness of summer dishes and to take full advantage of the evening coolness in the charm of a timeless oasis. It welcomes you every day from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

In summertime we propose themed dinners by the pool, contact us to know the program..

Our restaurants are also open to external customers, upon reservation.

Our barmen meet you every day by the pool (in summer) or at the Internal bar for a burst of energy with the Italian coffee and cappuccino, for a break at teatime, for a delicious aperitif or simply to end the day and after dinner.